What Does It Mean to Be a Hero

People assume a hero is a person who has a heart of gold and always does the right thing. However, the truth is anyone can be a hero. From mild-mannered citizens to holy figures like The Pope, anyone can be a hero. Most often, people see heroes in movies. Characters like Mulan and King Arthur have two different backgrounds, yet they are still heroes. The one thing that connects them both is the fact that they put others before themselves. Arthur took the responsibility of being King even though he did not want to because he knew his people needed him. Mulan happily stepped up to the plate and went to war in place of her father, even though she was a woman and not her place to do so. She sacrificed herself to save her father, and since he was too old, and she sacrificed herself to protect the Emperor from the wrath of the Huns. Anyone can be a hero because they can be selfless and put others before themselves.Arthur, from Arthur Becomes King of Britain, chooses to put others before him. When Arthur pulled the sword from the stone for Kay, he let Kay take the credit for it. “‘I have it... I pulled it out'” (White 892). Arthur did not take credit for pulling the sword out of the stone, even though it was his accomplishment. Kay's father, Sir Ector, is deeply proud of his son. Sir Ector could have been proud of Arthur, but he did not take the credit because Arthur put Kay before him. Arthur is a hero because he did the humble thing and chose to let his brother take credit for his achievement.

Mulan chose to sacrifice herself to save her dad's life when the Huns were attacking China. At the beginning of the movie, Mulan's father got called to war with the Huns. She knows her father isn't capable enough to go, so she steps in and takes his place disguised as a man. Mulan fights for China as a man named Ping, and overcomes many obstacles during her time in the army. Once her army finds out who she is, they abandon her. She still goes to fight the Huns, and in turn defeats them and saves all of China (Mulan). Mulan sacrificed her life and social standing to save her father, and does so again when her army turns their back on her because she is a woman. She is selfless because she put others' needs before her own. Mulan could have let her father go to war and die, but she did not and took his place. Mulan's army could have also died without Mulan because she knew the Huns were attacking, but they did not. Mulan went back to China and could have lived and let the army die because they abandoned her, but she put them before own life, and saved them along with many lives if they lost. Mulan's selflessness saved the lives of her family and her country's, making her a hero that will be put down in history.

Anyone can be a hero with selfless actions and putting other people's needs before their own. Arthur from Arthur Becomes King of Britain was selfless and let Kay take the credit for his accomplishment of pulling the sword from the stone instead of reaping the benefits if he said something himself. Arthur knew their father would be proud of who pulled the sword and he still let Kay take responsibility. He put Kay before himself because he did not want Kay to be embarrassed. Mulan puts not simply her father's life before her, but her army's and her country's. Mulan disguised herself as a man and joined the army in place of her father because he was too old to serve and she did not want him to die. Also, she returned to China and defeated the Huns because she knew people was in danger. This was selfless because her army abandoned her when they found out she was a woman, and Mulan could have let them die because she was upset, but she put their lives before her. Even the smallest acts of selflessness can make a hero. It can brighten their day and inspire them to do the same to others. No one must sacrifice their lives, but being humble and kind is a trait everyone is capable of possessing.


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