Why I Can't Live Without My Family Essay Example

When it came to deciding what I would choose when thinking about my most memorable moment, I struggled more than I considered I would. Over the span of all my 16 years, I realize today that I have had so many moments throughout my life that have shaped me as a person and made me who I am in many ways. However, I kept drifting back to two different times. From the time I was born to the time I was 5, my sister and I were the only kids around. We were the first and only grandchildren so we weren't used to having any others around. Then, on May 1st, 2007, my aunt's first baby, Logan Riley Light was born. I was an upset 5-year-old as they wouldn't let my sister and I be at the hospital on that day. I stayed up all night at my great-grandmother's house so excited yet nervous to meet the new baby and I recall the first time I saw him. He was small and his facial features looked the same on him as they do now. He had dark hair and dark eyes, and he was dressed in a small camouflage onesie that I could only guess had come from his father. All the parents took pictures as they helped me hold and feed the small baby and from that day on Logan, Lacie, and I was best friends, brother and sisters. And for almost 3 years we spent what felt like every day together. I was there for his first birthday. It was John Deer Tractor themed and he got a pair of ducks as a present. Heckle and Jeckle were their names. I was there for his second birthday too. When he could run, talk, and keep up with all of the older kids better.

One day we were all having dinner when they sat the three of us down, saying that soon it would no longer be the three of us…but four. Logan was going to be a big brother. The funny thing was that Logan swore it wasn't a baby sister, but a baby dinosaur in his mother's stomach but sadly he was wrong. April 27th, 2010, just 3 days before Logan would turn 3-years-old. Madison Brooke Light became the newest addition to our group. This time, they gave us the choice of if we wanted to be there, but I was 8 so of course, I chose my second-grade field trip instead. I was at the nature center when my teacher, Mrs. Linder, stopped me saying she was born early in the morning, that she was in good health, and that, like her brother, she had brown eyes but black hair instead of brown. When I got to the hospital, I sat in my mother's lap with Madison in mine. Just like with Logan she became just as important to me. As a baby, I remember she was often sick. There were times when we had to spend nights in the hospital because it was easy for her to become sick, but overall she was a happy baby.

Now, Madison has brown hair and brown eyes just like her brother and it's crazy today to know that I have gotten to watch them both grow as, Logan is 11, and Madison is 8. Over the past 8 years, so much has happened and changed but one thing has remained. All of us still see each other every day. We spend the night with each other at least 2 out of 7 days of the week sometimes more. Even if it's not by blood, they are my little siblings. Thinking about what to write, I considered my first day of high school, or my first day at my first job. But I knew I had to think of something deeper to me. Something that affects my everyday life, that when I got older and moved onto to college and then my first official job after college it still wouldn't measure to the amount of emotion I felt towards these two and the rest of my family. That's when you know what's most memorable to you. When it's something you know you'll remember because it strikes up so much emotion, good or bad, that you know will last a lifetime. I know that I was supposed to just pick one, but how is it possible to choose when memorable moments happen multiple times in your life. I know I have many more to live through, but for right now, I choose the people I know I couldn't live without. I choose my family and to all the memorable moments that come with them.


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