Why You Should Get a Dog Persuasive Essay Example

When I was growing up I dreamed of getting a small white puppy for my birthday. In my mind, I saw the puppy sitting in a present box with a red bow sitting on top of its head. I imagined it’s white fur and smiley panting face. But we already had a dog, a German Shepherd mutt whom I loved with all my heart. Because of him, my parents didn’t seem open to getting another dog. Though after a few years begging, I stopped asking, but the dream of having my own little white dog still held a spot in my mind.

As I got older and my family moved from the dusty little town Killeen, Texas to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, it grew harder for me to make friends. I have experienced that in small towns where people have known each other for years, it is hard to find a place to fit in. When I turned seven years old the yearn for a puppy and its companionship grew stronger, but I said nothing to my parents because I felt they would dismiss the idea. However, a week or so after my birthday, my dad called my brothers and me to the living room. He told us to sit criss-cross applesauce on the ground and wait, he had a surprise for us. My mind turned as I tried to think about what the surprise could be. With my family, it could range from we are moving again to we are going out for dinner. So I plopped myself down in between my two brothers and waited for my dad to explain to us what was going on, but he didn’t, we just stood in front of us. He seemed to be waiting for something. My brothers stared at him and each other in confusion, but we waited patiently. The back door opened, and my mom slowly and carefully emerged with an old and ragged purple towel covering her entire left side. The towel twitched and shivered, sniffled and whimpered. I hesitated, still confused on what it could be, but I never thought it could be what she uncovered at that moment. My mom pulled the towel gently off her shoulder to reveal a teeny tiny white ball of shivering fluff. My heart dropped and a smile grew across my face as she handed me the snowball she had curled in her arms. I was completely awed, my parents wished me a happy birthday as they put the puppy in my arms. She was so tiny, so fragile, so brightly white she reminded me of a fluffy angel. When I held her, I held her close to my heart, gently but firmly holding on to her. She stopped shivering, I look down to see her gentle eyes looking up at me widely, soon those dark eyes started narrowing and she drifted off to sleep.

That fluff of a dog goes by Lucy now and weighs ten pounds more than she did when my family got her. Lucy and I have a bond I didn’t know that a human could have with a dog. The popular saying of “dogs are man’s best friend” is something that I’ve always heard, but never did I see how true that actually is. Lucy sleeps curled up on me or right beside me every night. If I mistakenly leave her outside of my room, she will scratch the door open or until I open it. When I leave my house in the morning I watch her race from window to window, trying to watch me walk to the bus stop. When I’m playing outside with my brothers, I can hear her cries because she is inside and can’t get to me. When I’m upset she is always at my side upset too, she cries when I cry. When I imagined this little white dog I never imagined the amazing connection I would have with her.

In the moments that I saw the world as cruel or almost out to get me as a younger girl, I looked to her and saw the magic in the world that gave me a companion as loving as she is, right when I needed one. When I wrapped my arms around that tiny pup I expected her to flinch or wiggle out of my arms, as I was a new person. However, she surprised me when she simply looked up at me and relaxed enough to fall asleep. She was my best pal then and still is today. I love her with all my heart and I believe she loves me with all of hers too. I believe that the way Lucy came to me was something truly magical and as I look at the close companion I have now I am truly awed. She came to me in a time where I needed someone most, and she is always there to give me comfort and a feel of not being alone.


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