Book Reflection Essay Example

This summer, I had the opportunity to read two books for summer work. One of the two books go by the name of, Girls Like Us written by Gail Giles. The said book was released on May 24th in the year of 2014. Girls Like Us revolves around two "speddies" who've just graduated and have been given an advanced opportunity to adult. The leads of the book include Biddy, Quincy and Elizabeth. Biddy and Quincy are the students who've recently graduated high school. Biddy, the first to be introduced is a "fat" girl who's called "retard" by her grandmother and is seen as "white trash" by Quincy. She can barely read and write, this being due to the fact that not enough oxygen goes to her brain. Quincy on the other hand has been a foster child for years. With her turning eighteen, she's no longer attached to her previous families since she wasn't adopted. She's at a disadvantage because when she was young, her "crack whore" mother was in an abusive relationship leading, her to be hit with a brick by her abusive boyfriend. This led to Quincy having low eyes and lacking the skill of writing. Lastly, Elizabeth is the women that the two are semi-watching over. Ms. Elizabeth cannot keep her house clean so, the two keep her house in shape, majority being Biddy considering she doesn't have an official job like Quincy. Elizabeth is an old woman who can be considered a mentor to the two girls. She genuinely cares about them and plays an important role in their lives.

To progress, this book definitely makes you reflect! While reading Girls Like Us, I thought I would disregard about the plot. Once the climax occurred, that thought was no longer. The book mentions taboo topics throughout. One of those being sexual violation. Both Biddy and Quincy have gone through the said acts. I like to think I have an idea of how people feel when they've gone through something traumatic but, I don't. You can watch documentaries and look at studies but, it's nothing like hearing a victim's story. You sense their raw emotions and it doesn't compare to any documentary or study regarding sexual violation. While reading Biddy's story, it triggered several feelings. While in school, there was a boy who asked her if she wanted some candy. Biddy loves candy so she didn't decline. The boy proceeds to call Biddy cute and she was flattered, offering him a kiss on the cheek. That's when things went downhill. The boys friends joined their conversation. Biddy was called rude names and slurs by the group. Then, the group of boys violated Biddy by raping her. Reading her story was really hard for me to digest. They were so vulgar and inconsiderate of Biddy's feelings, it was disgusting to read. That's the same for Quincy's situation. Quincy worked at their local supermarkets deli. She was offered the job due to her connections. A co-worker, Robert didn't seem to like that because he would harass Quincy by calling her names and violating her space. He hadn't been seen for awhile until he popped out after one of Quincy's shifts. Robert kidnapped and raped her.

To conclude, Girls Like Us is something I'd recommend for someone who's ready to get emotionally drawn in. I think this would be great for someone who isn't too aware on what goes on in the world of a daily basis. I thought I wouldn't like the book, but Gail Giles proved me wrong.


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