Career Goals Essay Examples

A Career I Am Dreaming About

"Build Your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.", Farrah Gray. Some people are comfortable working for the next man and settling for a job that they don't enjoy, love or have no passionate about. A job is position paid of regular employment when you work for another person or a person company. Whereas a career gives you more experience and learning values that'll benefit your future. There is a very huge difference between a job and a career. Entrepreneur is my dream career because I love business, I want to be self-sufficient, and it is very rewarding.

Why I Want to Become an Entrepreneur

First, becoming an entrepreneur is going to make me very successful. I had done It despite my circumstances becoming a successful entrepreneur would not only prove to people that I did it will also show me that. It would also help me become a great example for my son to follow my footsteps and become something in life and have me as a role model. Becoming a successful entrepreneur would make me the first out of my mother kids to achieve their dream and become a business woman who works for herself. Although I had encountered a lot of disappointments in my life accomplishing my dream would prove to me that everything happens for a reason and that school will pay off at the end.

An entrepreneur as my career would make me a powerful black business woman. Not only would I be powerful I would be my own boss I wouldn't be working for nobody by myself. Being a boss would give me advantage of my own schedule, I'll be working on my own time and don't have to explain why I am late or can or cannot come into work. A powerful woman would also give me an opportunity to hire other people and give them an opportunity to also have a successful career. This career choice would give me the chance to help others and need show them the ropes of fulfilling their dream and becoming successful. It gives me a platform to help others in my communities' even if it's not a job or money but words of wisdom and stories that are relatable.

My Goals After I Achieve My Dream

Finally, I would be wealthy and would be living a comfortable life and I'll be financially set. This career choice would make me financially stable and my son wouldn't have to struggle or know what struggle is. I will also be able to give back to my community financially and be able to contribute to things such as book bag drives, shelters, churches and programs for the youth. Growing up I was poorer than the other kids, I never had the things the other kids had such as new sneakers, name brand clothes and toys that was the latest when I was growing up. So, by having a stable career that will make me financially stable that will make up for what I've been missing when I was younger and struggling.

What is an Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a person who owns and manages more than one business. That is the definition you'll get if you google it or look it up in a dictionary, my definition of an entrepreneur, is a successful, powerful and wealthy woman name Kendira. Farrah Gray said," Build your own dreams, or someone will hire you to build theirs.” If this quotation isn't true than I don't know what is, working for people isn't helping your dream, it is helping the man who hired you dream. In other words, instead of working for the next man, work for yourself, do what you must do build your dream and no one else's.


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