Essay on How to Be Cool

In this essay, I will describe how to turn your body temperature frigid and chilly in three simple specific ways! The three examples the reader is about to read are as follows: Take a nice cold shower, sit near the a/c, and if absolutely desperate, thereupon jump into a frozen lake. In brief, these are the ways which I shall illustrate in detail. Enjoy your time reading this.

To illustrate the first method to be cold, Take a nice cold shower. First and foremost, Cool off a bit or the shower will make you sick. Furthermore, please obtain a house, a shower, a towel, water, be a human, have skin, have the money to buy the house. Moreover, when certain to be cooled off, gather all your materials, become naked. Grab a towel, hang it, and get into your shower. Turn the handle to the coldest setting, halt for a while as the water comes nice, fresh, and cold. Walk into the water and just stay there as you feel refreshed. To summarize, shower as usual. Once finished, feel very refreshed. To conclude, this will work best if it is a hot day and it has been a long day of physical labor. Enjoy! And feel cool!

The materials needed for this next method are: an a/c, a machine made by man that emits cold waves of wind. Purchase one of these at the superstore known as Home Depot. A nice substitute for the a/c can be a ceiling fan or a regular fan, although it won't work as well. Once near an a/c in a room of your liking (preferably in a house, preferably your house.) Granted, please close all windows, close all doors, turn the a/c to maximum power. Once set up, have the a/c to your preferred mode and level, you may just sit there until either cool or, feel like receiving hypothermia. This method works best if desperate and have a problem

Correspondingly this final method is a bit extraordinary, so, readers be advised. This method is in case of extreme heat. So, what’s needed will be a vehicle, gasoline, money, a nearby frozen lake, zero dignity for your well being, something to cut a hole into the lake (a saw will do fine), and a towel. Additionally, this method will transform yourself frozen and chilled to the bone. If wishing to proceed, then use this method, if not, please do not attempt or even think about it. Stay at this lake for thirty minutes to an hour. First, obtain your transportation and drive up to a frozen lake (don’t forget your towel and saw). Additionally, exit the vehicle, cut a hole into the middle of the lake, and jump in. Enjoy :)! You will most definitely be icy. Attempt not to get trapped in the lake for the ice will freeze over the top of your hole.

Consequently, this has been “How to be cool”. Hopefully, this reading experience has been highly enjoyable. In fact, I hope for the reader to understand that they could simply exit outside in the fresh breeze and be human. This has been “How to be cold”, enjoy the rest of the day


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