Essay on How to Plan a Party

For some people, planning a party can be a hassle. It can be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating when it doesn’t turn out as planned. I have always had a love for planning parties. I just recently planned one for my gender reveal. The steps I take are pretty simple, but overall gave me an amazing turn out at my party. To plan a successful party, you must set a date and time, buy your supplies that are needed, and invite your friends and family.

The first and perhaps most important step in planning a successful party is setting a date and a time. This may be the first step but it is certainly not the easiest. Setting a date can take weeks, even months to do. You never know when everyone is free or if there is an event coming up that you have to attend. Avoid planning the party in the months with holidays or months where there is a big event coming up. Ask around to your friends and family to see if they have anything planned and are free to come. You most definitely want the people closest to you to come to your event. If you see a day where there are no events scheduled go ahead and snag that day for your party. You also need to set a designated time. For instance, say that your party is going to be from 3:00 p.m. till 5:00 p.m. People want to know this stuff so they can plan things around your party. Remember do not stress yourself out over this considering it is the first step.

The next and most expensive step is buying your materials that are needed for the party like ingredients for the food, party favors, table cloths, napkins, plates, etc. If you have a theme it is best to go to a party store and check to see if they have packages that you can buy. That can save you a few dollars. If you cannot find those packages anywhere, go to your local Walmart and buy the supplies you can find. Getting the basic stuff as in napkins, plates, forks, spoons, and party favors first can save you some time. Now far as the food, you need to buy those ingredients a few days prior to the party so the stuff you need will not rot or go bad. Say you are making chicken salad sandwiches, you don’t want to buy the chicken and bread months before the party because the bread will get hard or mold and the chicken will go bad in the fridge. Other things like party favors can be bought months before the party because they will not mold or rot. Make sure to buy enough of everything. Do not buy for fifty people when you invited a hundred. Trust me you will run out eventually.

The last step in successful party planning is sending out invitations. It is important to send out invitations way before the party. There are several ways to send out an invitation to a party. You can print them out, buy pre-printed ones and mail them, use an evite program that will email your invite to everyone specifically, hand deliver it to the person’s mail box to show how important it is, or personally call and invite them. After deciding on the type of invitations, you need to get them out pretty quickly so make your guest list and get to sending them. People need time to clear their schedule to come to this party and to buy gifts if they need too. I would prefer sending them out around three or four weeks prior to the event. In the invitations give the time, place, date, and RSVP number. Tell the people to call and make reservations so you can buy enough supplies. If you feel like it is necessary, remind the people two or three times before the event.

As demonstrated planning a party can be a hassle. It consists of setting a date and time, buying the needed supplies, and sending out the invitations. These steps can be revised a little if you find a problem with them but I found that these steps work very well. Benefits of taking these steps are having a good turnout of people there, having enough food for everyone, and it generally boosts your self-esteem when it turns out well.


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