Fresh Starts. My My American Dream Essay Example

My dream Is in relation to the American dream , the American dream Is described as hope for success in the future or new beginnings in America , new beginnings from the life we had been pursuing before, new beginnings to a better life.

My American dream Is arriving this new nation and getting opportunities I probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere opportunities like free education, scholarships, better health care, safety, freedom , and the land of opportunities as mentioned by James Truslow etc...

My focus is a education ,without a better college education which according to me America would provide , I wouldn't get far enough to achieve this dream ,my dream would be using this knowledge to make less fortunate countries better places too , maybe they could be someone's dream someday , some of these countries are in Africa like Uganda which is the land of my birth and my home.

The American dream could be anything I could be or try anything I would like to be I could be a doctor or an engineer they are not limits or restrictions here , my other dream would be to come here and make money.

But my dream to pursue education Is greater, I know with education I can simply have it with me and I can always get a job with the right qualifications, but I can easily run out of money if I am not wise enough to invest in the right things , with the knowledge I can always have opportunities around in America.

To achieve my dream I know I have to work hard in school and getting into great schools with that , I have to believe and be passionate about my dream In order to reach these goals

The American dream Is the pursuit of happiness we all dream for a perfect life, my version of a perfect life is having enough to live a comfortable life but also be able to help the people around me, the perfect life is happiness, food,clothes, shelter ,property , kind people around me and basically everything I could desire.

Calling it the "American Dream" is a clique that everyone calls it this word symbolizes coming to this country and being able to start afresh this is an idea everyone has because America has infinite opportunities. It should not only be called the American dream, it should be called a pursuit for happiness

But one can't achieve some of these things ; money , without hard work.My happiness would preferably involve comfort I need to work hard In order to get comfort.

Our dreams may also be freedom or equality which America I guess could be the answer for some.

"The American dream" could be a refuge from tough circumstances, hope for freedom in America. With freedom we can achieve almost everything we want. Freedom is important because with freedom we have the power to think, speak and express ourselves the way we would want.

With freedom we are able to think outside the box ,this skill helps us generate ideas that bring us to our goal of making money.Coming to America and starting a business, there is a bigger chance of success , motivation for success is what drives numerous people to chase the American dream.

My American dream could also be safety, we all hope for safety and to keep our families safe.

A happy family is also why I would come to America , the promise of a safe life and simple place is why some may want to come to America..

Coming to America is different for many, everyone has their own experience this far mine has been successful I know I will achieve my American dream. I will get an education and I will use knowledge to help people around me, I will use my dream to make people's dreams possible ,

My dream is to use my knowledge to get into a position that will enable me to help working at the UN.

I know being in America will make my path easier and more successful My dream is to change peoples lives in some way in a positive way , my dream is to live a safe, prosperous life , my dream is to try my best and make other people's dreams successful too

There Is no simple and clear definition of the American dream everyone has a different perspective , everyone has different paths to follow some are more eager than others.

My American dream I know will be achieved with the correct efforts and passion.

Even though the American dream is a different definition for everyone we all have some things in common , we all want a better life for ourselves , we all hope to get rich or to help our families.

One thing we all definitely have in common is we are here for a better future , the American dream is an aspiration.


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