How I Gained More Self Confidence Essay Example

Today's world places immense pressure on teens to feel like they belong. Whether it is socializing with peers or striving for academic success, people perceive life as a competition. Through my experiences, I felt like I could never go toe-to-toe with my classmates. I was in restricted academic classes, so how could I compete? It was not until I faced an ultimatum that I finally realized my self-worth.

In middle school, I hit rock bottom. Being in restricted classes, I felt ashamed and further isolated myself from the other students. I proceeded to belittle myself and invest little effort into my work. Consequently, I received many Ds and Fs; and the brightness of my future started to fade. But, as everything seemed hopeless, I received a wake-up call from my mother. She forced me to face reality — and thank god for that.

Before the summer of my freshman year, my mom placed a bucket and a pen on the table. First, she pointed to the bucket and explained that continuing down this path would not yield me any success. Then, she pointed to the pen and revealed that discipline and a strong work ethic would lead to achievement. For some reason, a pen and a bucket — not my failing grades — made me realize that I was on a self-destructive path. I wanted to succeed. I wanted to connect with different types of people. I wanted to lead a fulfilling life. I could not do any of that without tearing down my walls and dismissing any hang ups I had about being in restricted classes. So I vowed to work toward success and seize every opportunity, even if it meant leaving my comfort zone. I knew it was going to be hard. But the hardest things in life are the most rewarding.

High school marked a period of change. I started attending extra help and developed meaningful relationships with my teachers. Honestly, some days were easier than others. But in the end, the work finally paid off. At each annual review, my grades improved; and for that reason, teachers found it hard to believe that I was once a failing student. My teachers were not the only ones to notice my accomplishments. Soon, my classmates began asking me how I earned my grades. The old me would have slinked away uncomfortably, not knowing how to engage with my peers. The new me was still scared. But at least I was more confident. Before long, I was leading study groups and teaching my classmates effective studying techniques.

Armed with this newfound confidence, it was time to broaden my horizons. I began socializing with people. This is significant because I was exposed to different kinds of people, which made me more empathetic and granted me insight into the lives of others. Looking back, I am so thankful for my mom and proud of myself for persevering.

A sense of belonging does not come easy for most. It certainly did not come easy for me. It took years for me to discover my potential and worth. The journey never ends, and the possibilities to overcome challenges and fears are continuous. My high school experience has taught me to believe in myself and to never give up.

Now it is my senior year; and I am taking several Advanced Placement classes. I am so excited to apply everything I learned these past years to college. I will continue to excel in my classes, establish and foster meaningful relationships with different types of people, and leave my comfort zone for the sake of myself and the betterment of others. I am confident that I will make an immediate impact at college.


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