How I Improved My Self Confidence Essay Example

In today’s world, there is intense pressure on adolescents to feel like they belong.

In life, we fear being alone, and try to avoid the inevitable. Whether it be socialization or pressure in school, we perceive life as a competition. However, what we fail to realize is the root of our problems, whether it stems from feeling lonely or like a failure. Through my experiences in life, I learned that feeling solitary and defeated can be overwhelming, yet I did not allow these feelings interfere with receiving the education that I deserved or from realizing my self-worth.

Throughout middle school, I felt alienated. Seeing others transition from elementary school to middle school was intimidating, and I felt inferior to my peers. As a result of this feeling, I remained in restricted classes for three years, making me further estranged from my grade. To me, the doors in my restricted classes appeared as barricades, and instead of breaking them down, I continued to belittle myself and not do my work. Consequently, I received multiple Fs and Ds, and the brightness of my future seemed to be fading. But, just as I felt that everything would erupt into flames, I received a wake up call from my mother, which forced me to face reality.

During the summer of freshman year, my mother placed a bucket and a pen in front of me. First, she pointed to the bucket, and explained that if I continued down this path, I would not experience success or have a career. Then she pointed to the pen, and revealed that if I changed my ways through hard work, I would live a successful life. At that moment, I realized how self-destructive I was. I vowed to myself that I would be that pen, who exuded fruition and success, and was brimming with bliss.

What caused me to step out of the confinements of my restricted classes was the opportunity of meeting my peers. Being with the same kids each year, limited my socialization skills, which made me feel alienated. So, I decided to finally break down those barricades, in an effort to socialize with others. Finally, I would be able to interpret different viewpoints, and complexify myself.

However, at the start of high school, I still remained in a few restricted classes. Although I felt trapped, I continued to push myself and put forth all my effort into my aspirations. This resulted in excellent grades, symbolizing my toil and perseverance. I now stood tall, and could not be knocked down.

High school marked a period of change. For example, I started going to extra help, which bestowed me positive attention from my teachers, who commended me for my diligence and deemed me as a model student. Additionally, my classmates would ask me how I earned my grades. When I told them all it took was time and diligence, they asked for my help. Before I knew it, I was helping my classmates with effective studying techniques. As a result, I saw myself as a role model and a manifestation of triumphancy.

Because of my success, I decided to take two advanced classes senior year. Initially, failure crossed my mind, as I never took any classes this rigorous before. Then I realized, although the rigour of these classes would be difficult, I had overcome much harder. By having that talk with myself, I was ready to close my decrepit chapter and start a new one.

A sense of belonging does not come easy. It takes years to discover one’s self-worth. While I initially thought there was no need to push myself, I decided to still reach deep down and discover the root of my problems. As a result, I learned to combat my inner demons, which resulted in my success, and through time and diligence, I was the one to make the “impossible” a reality.


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