How I Received My Black Belt Essay Example

Eleanor Roosevelt once said,” You must do the thing you think you can’t do.” I once accomplished something I believed my whole life I couldn’t accomplish and that was my black belt. To this day I am still very proud of myself for achieving this.

I started karate when I was 6, hoping one day I would get a black belt. in karate, you start out as a white belt and keep on earning more belts, a total of 12 belts until you reach your black belt. When I had finally learned enough to move on to my next belt, which was orange, I was super nervous. After reaching the test, however, I was more relaxed and ready to try it out. it was mostly punching and kicking and basic defenses. Karate tests are like school. They grade you on as B's and C's. After the white belt, I believed I was amazing and could do anything. However, I was wrong.

I was able to pass through the next 4 karate belts pretty fast, about 1 and a half months. However, once I reached Green 1, a green belt with a stripe through it, it was starting to get really complicated and confusing. We were starting to do completely new things, like tackling and sparring, which was incredibly hard for me being 7. We would put on gear that covers our full body and then we would fight each other. I used to be wound up on the floor smothered with bruises, cuts, scrapes, everything. Every day I would complain to my mom, wanting to quit, but she would say Don’t Worry, you’ll like it soon. And she was right

After I was over that whole scared phase, i was starting to enjoy it. I stopped sparring and started to like it. Pretty soon i was testing for my black belt. I was required to take 4 tournaments and i used to get a medal every time. It was one whole year, worth of physical, mental and strength training. I did pretty well, woke up at 6 every Saturday to attend class, practicing day to day and eventually those 12 months passed like lightning. On the day before my test, I was shaking head to toe, super scared on if i would pass or not. Once I reached the test, I gave it my best and was super focused, hoping to do a good job. Unbelievably, my karate friends and I were at the test from 11 am to 10 pm at night. I was exhausted and weak, but made it through the night. The next week, my instructor was given the results and i anticipated for the results. Through his voice, he sounded sad as he called out our names, including mine, and i felt devastated. However, he then added, “You guys made it!” I was super excited and couldn’t wait to tell my family. I received y bel with my name on it, with a stripe to say i was a first degree. I cherished this belt for 1 year now and plan to forever.


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