Management of Stress Essay Example

Stress is something that every person in the world is susceptible to, but there are steps to take to avoid or alleviate incoming stress. Stress can literally take years off of a person’s life, life is too precious to let everyday stress take some of it away. In order to effectively manage stress, you have to find the triggers, find coping methods, then find a more reliable outlet.

In order to manage stress, you must start with what causes stress, more commonly known as “triggers”. Triggers come in all shapes and sizes. There are two main categories of these triggers, sork/school stress and life stress. The types of stresses that are involved with school or work may include working long hours, having a heavy load of homework, having a boss you don’t see eye to eye with, and the list go on and on. Life stresses tend to have a bigger impact and should be taken much more seriously. These include losing a job, divorce, loss of a loved one, and an increase in financial obligations. Once there is a basic understanding of what causes stress the next steps will come much easier.

Next in the process to manage stress is to find one, if not several coping methods. The first and possibly most important method is to try and avoid unnecessary stress. If there is a certain person or persons that cause an unusual amount of stress, take steps to avoid coming in contact with them. There are things that cause stress that are unavoidable, so know your limit, and when to say “that's enough” and walk away. Try and find a way to express those feelings instead of bottling them up. Consider therapy, its become a common misconception that therapy is for crazy, or psychotic people, and that just isn't the case. It’s completely normal to seek professional help. Be able to accept that there is stress that is unavoidable, there are ways to alleviate that stress.

Finally in the battle to manage stress is to find a more reliable outlet. This is perhaps the most crucial step in the process of dealing with stress. This step, when it comes down to it, is up to the individual. No one outlet is going to work universally, so find something that is enjoyable, maybe a weekend hobby, video games, or even just a jog around the block. Find something that allows an escape from the stresses of life, even if it's for 15 minutes a day, it can make all of the difference.

In conclusion, stress in a very fickle topic, and can vary greatly depending on the situation. If you follow these steps to effectively manage stress it will make a difference: Find the triggers, find coping methods, then finding an outlet. Don’t let stress take away of the most precious a person has, life.


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