My Family History Essay Example

Family history can concend a lot. It reveal where you came from and how your family sacrificed everything to have the best future for their children. My dad is the person whom I interviewed. He departed from Guangdong, China to the United States. In 1994, he gave up everything he knew to move to California for a greater life.

My dad was born in Vietnam and moved to China when he was young. Therefore, he doesn't reminise much about his childhood in Vietnam. In China, he lived in the Guangdong province. He would ride his bike to school and help out with his family. According to my dad, "Life was simple but rough at some times." For instance, he would obtain water from the wells and assist in tending the family farm. However, life got devistating; he lost his parents and he knew that he had to look on the bright side.

In 1994, my dad flew from China to San Jose, California to get closer to his brother and friends, who journeyed there a few years before him. He flew on a plane from China to California, which was long but simple. According to my dad, "The flight was long, but it was worth it." When he landed, he was greeted by his friend and brother at the airport. However, he didn't understand the United States custom or language. As a result, he went to the local library to study English. Years later, his brother moved to Iowa and he moved to Rosemead, California.

My dad claimed, "Life is better in the U.S. than in China right now." He is currently working to have a better future for his children. He is delighted by living here, because of the freedom and convenience of resources. He has a full-time job with a good salary, which supports his family. Overall, he has a successful life with his family.

In conclusion, I am knowledgeable about my dad's journey in 1994 from China to California. He had to sacrifice everything he knew to take a risk that will impact his future. Now that I look att my dad's immigration, I feel that it wasn't simple as I thought it was. I now know where I came from and what my parents went through. In my opinion, my dad did everything he could to get me where I am today, Rosemead, California!


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