Realism Essay Example

Realism is the best representation of the current world system. Realism focuses on the use of power to do what is perceived as the best interest for the nation. There have been many cases of realism since the being of the 21st century.

Realism in America

In 2003, the United States under the Bush administration invaded Iraq because the administration thought that Iraq had nuclear weapons that could be potentially dangerous to the US. Whether or not Iraq actually had nuclear weapons, the United States felt threatened, so Bush thought it was in the nation's best interest to use our power to invade Iraq. When the United States invaded Iraq, it would be considered an over anticipated decision because Iraq didn't have nuclear weapons and the U.S. used their force to invade to those weapons.

Realism also allows nations that have the power to handle situations as they see fit. After the 9/11 bombings by Al Qaeda, the United States invaded Afghanistan because Al Qaeda was being housed on Afghanistan's land. Also, the U.S. would also have a better chance of apprehending Al Qaeda by taking over the whole country rather than just parts of it. The United States invaded Afghanistan because it was in the nation's best interest to apprehend al Qaeda and prevent them from harming the United States.

The Example of Libya Government

In 2011 Libya was experiencing protests by their people in the country, However, the leaders in Libya decided the protesting as a threat to the national interest of the nation and the power of the government. As a result, the Libyan government began to use brute force to deal with these protesters. However, while the government of Libya perceived attacking the best interest of the nation, the people of the Libya didn't think that was the best course of action. The people wanted the current Libyan government to step down. Many nations and people believe that the best course of action for Libya should have been that the Libyan government should have stepped down from power.

Situation in China

President Trump implemented tariffs on imported metals, particularly Chinese metals, because using metals from foreign countries threatened national security. For the benefit of the nation, President Trump decided that imposing tariffs would benefit the United States by preventing foreign countries from flooding the U.S. with cheap metals. Not everyone agreed that the Trump should have implemented those tariffs on foreign metals. Many automotive companies, food packing companies, and foreign officials perceived those tariffs as harmful to the United States. The benefits or consequences of Trump's tariffs are yet to be seen.

One issue with Realism is that decisions are made based on what is perceived as beneficial to the nation's interests based on who is in charge. Therefore, Realism assumes that leaders should be rational. However, not all leaders in the world think rationally. Another issue with realism is that decisions can be under anticipated or over anticipated.


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