The Hero's Journey Essay Example

The hero's journey is a series of events that a hero must go through in order to achieve some goal. The Spongebob Movie, the original, correlates with the hero's journey perfectly. Spongebob and his sidekick/helper Patrick set off to retrieve a stolen crown from shell city to save Mr. Krabs's life.

The first step in the hero's journey is the "call to adventure". In the start of the movie King Neptune's crown is stolen and sold off to shell city, King Neptune accuses Mr. Krabs of stealing the crown. Neptune freezes Krabs and says he will leave him that way unless someone can retrieve the crown, Spongebob and Patrick volunteer for the quest but no one believes in them, leading them to the journey as soons as possible.

Another step in the hero's journey is "crossing the threshold", Spongebob and Patrick have already surpassed several obstacles on their journey to Shell City. They then arrive to a point in their quest where they must leave the ocean on to land to get to the crown. The "ordeal" comes along when they arrive at a gift shop called "Shell City". They enter the gift shop which sold fish souvenirs, they find themselves face to face with a man in as diving suit, they try to run but he catches them and places them under a lamp to dry them out. They had already given up when a tear from the two ran down to the electrical socket the lamp was plugged into causing a short, this made the sprinklers go off rejuvenating Spongebob and Patrick. The two get back up determined to complete their mission, with help from all the now alive fish souvenirs they take down the man in the diving suit and escape with the crown.

The "flight" and "return" stages occur when they are clueless on how to get back to Bikini Bottom to Neptune in the amount of time they have. With help from their new friend david Hasselhoff who swims them out and sends them home, they make it back just in time to return the crown to King Neptune. With the crown back to King Neptune and Mr. Krabs safe, Spongebob and Patrick return to their everyday lives in Bikini Bottom.


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