Free rhetorical analysis essays

The Meaning of Justice

Justice is defined as the quality of being just, impartial, or fair. Yang consistently uses his graphic novels Boxers and Saints to challenge his readers to further elaborate on his preconceived thoughts and ideas of justice and injustice. To convey to his readers that there is more injustice in the world than justice....

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Why We Should Not Give Up

As humans, we are given the dynamic adaptability of both mental conduct and physical within one's self. Being human allows self to have an exceptional feeling of mindfulness and the capacity to grasp what is around us in an extremely detailed way. As humans there are many things we have to do to survive....

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The Hero's Journey

Every hero has a journey that they follow to become a hero and the person they were meant to be. This is a common concept called The Hero's Journey used in many books and movies. The Hero's Journey is a popular movie and book structure used to show how the hero becomes a hero...

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction

America is currently in an addiction epidemic, especially with opioids. Many people argue that a lack of morals led us to the point, while religious philosophers may say it's caused by sin or karma.

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Why Are We Happy And Sad?

We experience many things in our lives that changes how we see the world. These experiences can be good, can be bad and can be somewhere in between.

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DNA, Me, and We Essay

Sense of self and what it means differs depending on who you ask and what experiences they have had in their life to shape them....

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The Importance of Honesty Essay

That honesty plays an indispensable role in everyone's success is an undeniable fact. Should people, especially the youth, realize the significance of being aboveboard, they will ruminate over acting like a hypocrite much more scrupulously than ever before....

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