Alexander Hamilton Essay Example

Throughout the musical, Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton struggles through his battle of inclusion and finding worth in himself. In the first songs of the production, he demonstrates the insecurity he feels in his actions and his ability to succeed. As a result of his upbringing, Hamilton works his way through his self-doubt and questioning.

To begin, he sings, "sometimes I get overexcited, shoot off at the mouth" (Hamilton). By utilizing the words "shoot(s) off" Lin Manuel Miranda gives off the impression that Hamilton speaks without thinking, portraying him as thoughtless. Additionally, Hamilton's words demonstrate his self-doubt. "My shot" is a relatively upbeat and powerful song; however, during this specific stanza, Hamilton's tone shifts dramatically. Before, he has confidence in his decision to take action, but suddenly he appears insecure and unsure of himself and his choices. Hamilton raps with certainty that Laurens, Mulligan, and Lafayette share a common destiny to fight and rise up in the Revolutionary War. He begins to questions whether he should be talking about doing great things. Emphasized by the dynamics and tone switches to speaking the words instead of singing them. This in combination with Lin Manuel Miranda's diction exemplify Hamilton's insecurity at the beginning of the musical.

In addition, his insecurity becomes a direct reflection of Hamilton's upbringing. In "Alexander Hamilton" the opening song of the musical, Thomas Jefferson sings, "inside, he was longing for something to be part of" (Hamilton). This exemplifies Hamilton's goal to please the new group of friends he has found that he joins in excitement for the revolution in "My Shot." Hamilton also desperately want to clings to them because he has lost everyone close to him before this point. Described in "Alexander Hamilton," his mother passes from illness and the cousin he moves in with commits suicide. This effects Hamilton profoundly, as he searches for meaning relationships for the rest of his life. Furthermore, this also explains why he simply follows their encouragement to join the revolution, although Aaron Burr warns him against it. He desires to have friends that appreciate his talents, and is willing to do anything to acquire them. Hamilton's traumatic upbringing embodies itself in his insecurity, leading him to blind follow those who have an interest in him.

Through all his self-doubt, Hamilton clamors between his past and his insecurity. Displayed in "My Shot," Hamilton sets out determined to make something of himself; however, he is held back by his insecurities. Formed from his youth, Alexander Hamilton discovers a balance between his inner and outer battles.


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