John F. Kennedy Speech Analysis Example

In his argumentative speech on increasing steel prices, a Former President, John F. Kennedy implies that America will suffer tremendously from the augmenting prices.

Kennedy speaks with potentiality throughout the speech by stating the possible and examined outcomes. Kennedy was able to wield rhetorical devices throughout his argument to show his will to get the prices back affordable and attainable to the people in America which creates a demanding and assuring tone.

The argument speech by Kennedy presents a number of rhetorical devices to convey a contending response from citizens. During his speech to America, Kennedy utilizes repetition to generate a feeling of wholeness and connectivity between himself and America. With “our” and “we” being reiterated throughout his speech Kennedy makes Americans feel like they are a team and Kennedy is the captain, Kennedy wants what is best for his team. Bringing about how the prices have grown outrageously and attacked “our” government and “we” are going to have spend a lot more, he astoundingly connects with the listeners, citizens and America. Kennedy applies repetition into his speech to ensure America that they are suffering and being affected together, he lets America know that they are unquestionably not alone in this crisis. The speech also shows a significant reliance on diction to receive an emotive retaliation from his audience. Such as, at the beginning of his speech he asserts, “Simultaneous and identical actions of United States Steel and other leading steel corporations, increasing steel prices by some 6 dollars a ton, constitute a wholly unjustifiable and irresponsible defiance of the public interest.” Words like “simultaneous” and “constitute” were utilized to grab the audience's attention quickly with them having an attentive response. If words that were simpler and calm like “form” and “coincidentally” were used listeners may have not even heard or paid attention to what was said. The words that were chosen were strong and powerful so that the Americans would be more attentive, without the words it would not have the attentive impact. In the ensuing lines Kennedy applies phrases “wholly unjustifiable” and “irresponsible defiance” to row the Americans up or to make them feel betrayed. These words are significant because they abilities in rapidly grabbing attention and sparking emotions. When these words and phrases are used it makes the audience solemnly think about what will happen next. Further into the speech Kennedy talks about how the prices will affect the prices of American homes, autos and many other items that are used by Americans. When speaking of these things his choice of words will continue to make listeners more solemn and attentive about the situation. The intent of Kennedy's speech was to alert the audience while providing them with a sense of unification. Kennedy's speech achieved in getting the listeners to be more aware about the situation and letting America that he is there to fight for them, they are the team and Kennedy is the captain, his one job is to win.


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