Stop Burning Our Life. An Advertisement Analysis Essay

“Stop Burning Our Life” advertisement is a phrase used to describe the negative effects of smoking. It presents the harmfulness of smoking that leads to diseases and environmental pollution. The advertisement used different color frames to highlight the languages and images to grab the viewer attention. The advertisement beginning with listing the effects of cigarettes and ends with the drawing of a green globe. The advertisement communicates a strong message about the impact of tobacco on human health and the environment. The advertisement uses the rhetorical device and some specific features to mention the influences of smoking in our life.

First of all, the advertisement’s target audience is anyone who has ever smoked. Some adults are a person who always purchases for a tobacco. They can consume up to over a pack of tobacco a day. They don’t know smoking has some impact that may influence their health. Smoking can lead to serious diseases. As a result, long term smokers can die from tobacco. Moreover, excessive use of tobacco can affect others health if they breathe multiple cigarette smoke. In other word, the advertisement is trying to reach to the adult about the consequences of smoking every single day. The main purposes of the ad are providing information about the effects of smoking on humans. The advertisement has included the four main impacts of smoking. The goal of the ad is not just to let everyone know about the influences of smoking, it also wants to advise everyone to decrease their consumption of tobacco if they can.

The advertisement immediately attracts the attention of the viewers by designing images and languages in different colors. The title “Stop burning our life” of the ad is drawn in the black color. The ad is designed by the outdoor setting with blue sky. Furthermore, the appearance of trees with a few buildings makes the outdoor scene clearest. The main colors of the ad are red and black. The first image that appears in the viewer's eyes is a burning cigarette with a white color and a slight orange. This image makes the viewer easily know the main theme of the ad is smoking. The effects of smoking are made up of red color with bold text in the rectangular white frames. In addition, the use of red makes these words more prominent and increases the appeal of the advertisement. The ad also uses green to decorate a small globe. It helps the viewer imagine about a green world without pollution. The choices of using bright colors must highlight everything in the ad. The harmonious combination of colors also makes the ad more attractive to the viewer.

Logos are the main strategies used in the ad by showing some facts and figure. The data that the ad provides helps the viewers better understand the effects of smoking. For example, the numbers expressed in the advertisement make the viewers feel the effects of smoking certainly. According to the ad, 1 out of 2 long term smokers will die from tobacco. In that case, the smokers will be dead from diseases. In other word, smoking also contributes to consume time because every cigarette will cut 5 minutes of life. The word "green globe" at the bottom makes the viewers think about the green world without toxic substances of cigarettes. The facts used in the ad help prove the influences of smoking on human health. The image of two burning cigarettes with smoke rising and radiating around the sky reminds viewers of air pollution. The ad suggested “Stop burning our life” means smoking can gradually burn human life by the effects of itself. Not using tobacco can make our lives healthier.

The advertisement is successful because it makes a good designer and makes the audiences believing about the influences of using the cigarette. The ad carefully uses logos with a few specific strategies to show all facts about the effects of smoking on human life. Therefore, the use of tobacco often can direct to serious diseases. The handling of colors also makes the ad increasingly interesting to the viewer. The images created from red with a little black makes the ad more highlighted. Quitting smoking can help to improve our lives better. An ad with enough information and images about their goals can be considered the successful advertisement.


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