The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Analysis Example

Oscar Wilde once said, “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” The novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, reflects the idea in that it contains vulgar language to portray the truth. Although the book contains such language, banning it hides the validity of current events. A common argument made is that these words offend people, more than providing information. This novel should not get banned because the situations described are ongoing. The novel also imparts important lessons despite the language.

The novel should not get banned, the situations in this book still continue. The book references strong language like the n-word, f-word, and other terms. Today those words heard throughout the school hallways are quite common. The author uses these words without conjecture so they hold meaning. In Newburgh wandering the halls, these words are usually heard, spoken and then passed on. The novel’s protagonist, Arnold Spirit, dealt with such terms. The words seem thrown around by the characters, yet the author makes a valid point. Sherman Alexie wanted everyone to know that bullying and discrimination continues. In the novel, the author’s personality comes to the surface when profanity surfaced. It shows the honesty about what continues today. The author apologized to a high school for offending several students. He followed up with a statement making it clear he stood by what he wrote. Situations like these had happened and will continue to happen if it is not addressed. This is exactly what Sherman Alexie’s book is about. Although it may offend some people, it did exactly what its intent was. It addressed an ongoing issue and brought attention to it.

The second reason to not ban the book is anything written is always heard and repeated. This book did not start these ideas, nor is it justifying the use of these words. This novel is using words that have been around for years to add more credibility to a point. Some may argue the book is for a more mature audience. And yes, younger kids in middle school should not read it, because it is inappropriate. This suggests groups in high school, the age the book intended it for, have had exposure to these topics. Yet they are being sheltered from such topics. While this does hold some truth, it does not completely rule out the use of these words. A typical PG-13 movie contains plenty of curse words and scenes that are displeasing. Alexie’s humor makes a dark subject much lighter, easier to read and age appropriate. Most movies don’t add humor they keep a dense subject and let young adults view it. Using a stronger language gives off a stronger value. It provides an understanding of why the book came to be, and how the author feels about the subject. Yes, it may offend some people, but a lot of topics bring controversy. The written word is always repeated and has been for years, as any historical conflict.

The novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is an inspiring novel that should not get banned. Its lessons teach people about hidden conflicts that are ongoing. It also connects to the issues of the outside world. Young adults use these words to describe basic problems. Alexie used these words to describe the intricate feelings of discriminated people. The words in the novel used by people across the globe will continue to change the definition.


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