The Importance of Honesty Essay

That honesty plays an indispensable role in everyone's success is an undeniable fact. Should people, especially the youth, realize the significance of being aboveboard, they will ruminate over acting like a hypocrite much more scrupulously than ever before. This issue has recently been the topic of debate among an overwhelming preponderance of psychologists and experts all around the world, and here are a few cogent arguments that you should start reveling in right now.

I am inclined towards the opinion that honesty is of paramount importance for a profusion of people all around the world, and these are my justifications. To begin with, even though there is some controversy about it, when it comes to me, I do believe in this English proverb that honesty is best policy. I have tried it in my own life, and whenever I was honest, I was really successful. For example, my father never lends me money if I equivocate about the reason or even worse tell lies. The second compelling reason why I advocate this point of view lies in the fact that in a long run, we cannot conceal the truth, and sooner or later people will realize the truth. To see this point clearly, let us see a notable example. Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, had been governing the country by telling lies to his people, but at the end everyone not only in the country but also in the universe realized his true nature. Lastly, and probably most importantly, I do believe that the people of today are paying attention to actions more than words or appearances of things. Our teachers do judge us based on how well or bad we answer questions in the exam, no matter how handsome or beautiful we are. So precious are the advantages of being honest and praising honest people that we can never ever afford to underrate its pivotal role in our development.

Having discussed the issue from that point of view, I would look at it from another point of view. Unfortunately, we must come to terms with the reality that there are some individuals out there who are judging books by their covers. For example, boys are trying to date beautiful girls, and girls are on their ways to marry rich boys. With regard to this example, under no circumstances could anyone assert without doubt that the appealing image is not important. However, these kinds of behaviors are declining.

By taking all above-mentioned arguments into consideration, the following conclusion can be drawn about the subject matter. Even though people differ greatly in their attitudes towards this issue, to my way of thinking, underestimating the benefits of being trustful is not logical, and everyone ought to put this knowledge into practice in their entire lives. Attending this issue meticulously contributes to our success and improves several aspects of our lives, as well.


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