The Mysterious Benedict Society Summary Example

In the book, "The Mysterious Benedict Society," by Trenton Lee Stewart, Kate, (one of the four children) carried a bucket. Her bucket contained many items: a kaleidoscope that is actually a spyglass undercover, a slingshot, marbles, Swiss Army Knife, bottle of extra- strength glue, flashlight, penlight, horseshoe magnet, pencil, eraser, spool of clear fishing twine and a long nylon rope. These ideal items were useful during all of her adventures as a member of "The Mysterious Benedict Society." If I were Kate, I would put items in a bucket for my adventures, also. My bucket would include the following items, a knife, first aid kit, a compass, rope, whistle, matches and a grappling hook.

My first item that is inside my bucket is a knife. You could use the knife to cut objects like rope, or tough material. Also, you can use it to cut your way out of locked doors, by carving the doorknob off. Another way you could use the knife is by writing with it. You could carve letters into the wall or write a note on the wall. In addition, you could use the knife as some sort of climbing tool, by tying rope to the end of the knife and throwing the knife to the top of a tree or the place you want to climb up to. Finally, the knife is useful for things in everyday life, for example, opening boxes or crates.

My next item is a first aid kit. The first aid kit is useful when someone is hurt. For instance, if someone sprains or scraps themselves. You need a first aid kit to take care of yourself. I would put medicine in the first aid kit and Zyrtec or Benadryl for allergies. Also, if you really hurt yourself and there isn't a hospital nearby you could help your self. Other items you might find inside a first aid kit that is useful to have are tweezers. Tweezers can pull objects out of your body that might have had broke through some of your skin. For example, a splinter, you could use the tweezers to pull the splinter out of your skin. Also, you might find some needle and thread inside a first aid kit. The needle and thread would be useful to have in a first aid kit, if you cut your self up badly, you could always stitch your self back up.

My third item in my bucket is a compass. A compass is a very useful item to have when you get lost, you could use this item to find your way back. The compass could help you explore the Institute from the inside and from the outside. Similarly, the compass is useful for giving and following directions.

My fourth item that is in my bucket is rope. Rope is useful for climbing over things or climbing up buildings. Rope could be used for sending information by making a pulley. Furthermore, you could use the rope as a harness. For example, the harness would be easier to boost someone up.

My fifth item is a whistle. This item is useful for when you are in trouble because you could signal for help by using Morse Code. In addition, you could use a whistle as a distraction. Also, you can use the whistle as a warning. For example, if you see someone coming up behind friend you could use the whistle as a warning for that person to run or stop what they are doing so that person would be safe from danger.

My sixth item is matches. You could use the matches to start a fire and use it for light in a dark room. For example, you would use it to read writing on the wall and to see down a dark tunnel. Additionally, you could use matches to start a fire. You could use the fire to weld items or you can use the fire to sharpen items for instance, a knife. Another way matches could be useful is, if you got stranded or had to camp and you needed to start a fire to get warm, matches could help start the fire quicker than rubbing sticks together.

My final item in my bucket is a grappling hook. The grappling hook is important to have especially for climbing up rocky mountains. You could use a grappling hook as an escape, a zip line to be more specific. You take rope lasso it around a pole, put the grappling hook on the rope tie the other end to where you are standing, grab a hold of the grappling hook and zip down. Also, if I were in a hurry I would choose to use the grappling hook as a lasso other than the rope itself because the grappling hook is a lot easier to lasso around something under an enormous amount of pressure.

Generally speaking, all of these items that I would put inside my bucket are useful, especially in a crisis situation. All of Kate's items in her bucket were extremely useful. That is why, if I were Kate, I would bring a bucket with these items inside: a knife, first aid kit, a compass, rope, a whistle, matches and a grappling hook to help me get through my adventures.


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