The Outcome of Hard Work Essay Example

Whether you take interest in your job or not, usually all work experiences end up with the same outcome, they get old. Disfavoring your job is a common characteristic that all work holds. After many years of working, interest in your job can be lost. Even outside occurrences can affect your view on working. In “Andy Lovell” by T. S. Arthur, and “The Song of the Old Mother” by William Butler Yeats, Both characters share the same kind of dilemma. Because of reasons affecting them, they realize that work isn’t for them anymore.

It’s not in all cases that work gets exhausting from extended years on the job. For example, the passage “Andy Lovell” by T.S. Arthur shows how outside conflicts can clash with work. The main character, Andy, has just experienced an event that caused him to lose interest in his job. Because of that event, Andy had a shift in his job causing him to make a decision that he doesn’t want to work anymore. This is because the event took a toll on his mind. The event made him feel as there was no point in working anymore. Although he doesn’t favor work anymore, his wife advises him to continue working. Her persuasion didn’t improve his thoughts.

Working for extended years of time can also cause lost interest. In the article “The Song of the Old Mother’ by William Butler Yeats, the main character constantly stresses how tired she is from her job. She is exhausted from her job because of how long she’s been working. Because she’s been working so long, she wishes she could go back to when she didn’t have to work. She notices how she could be sleeping but instead, is stuck working. This is taking a toll on her emotions. If she didn’t have to be working, she could be living her life more freely. Because of how hard and how long she’s been working, she has lost interest in her occupation.

Many different factors can cause you to lose interest in working. One example could be from outside occasions. Another example could be that working for an extended amount of years makes you no longer interested in working. These are common reasons for no longer wanting to work your job. Most experiences end with the same result, losing interest.


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