Through The Eyes Of Artists. A Poetry Analysis Essay Example

“Quickly, I brandish my brush, stab the canvas with colors I/ have blended to bloom before your eyes, to make you love/ yourself again.” (14-16). These lines are from the poem “Through The Eyes Of Artists” by Nikki Grimes. This quote is from an artist, Ariana, through her painting she teaches a young girl why she should and deserves to love herself. The artists take the reader on a journey, through their perspective, on empowerment and love.

Three artists, Ariana, Sophia, and Tonya, describe a young girl through their eyes. Ariana describes the young girl through painting, Sophia through dance, and Tonya through writing. It is brought to the reader attention in the first few lines of the poem that the young girl does not love the color of her skin, or really herself for that matter. Ariana describes the young girl’s inner and outer beauty through what she is painting on her canvas. Sophia describes how the young girl should be dancing with pride and the feeling of freedom. Tonya describes the young girl through ink and paper, of the story that she will write.

The poem starts of by Ariana saying “I rush to gather raw umber, yellow ochre, the indian red I love, pondering the perfect blend to capture you in this moment, certainly, but also for eternity.” (1-5). The author, Nikki Grimes, paints a picture for the reader with her rich description of the paints. I imagine a young girl sitting in the corner of the room with the light perfectly hitting her face, and the artist scrambles to mix the perfect paints to mimic the girl’s beautiful brown skin. The tone of this poem is sincere, outrages, and forceful. The artist Sophia tells the young girl that “Freedom Riders fought for, that you need not live shackled by another’s narrow estimation (There are many ways to be a slave)”. (47-48). Ariana asks the young girl “Who has taught you to destain your brownness?” (6). These powerful and strong women and forcefully telling the young girl to love the color of her skin and to not live like she is bound to something.

Grime’s intended audience for this poem would be African-American women and girls. Specifically younger women, but women of all age can find meaning in her poem. This poem is about three strong women empowering a young African-American girl through different forms of art. This poem could help women of any age struggling with their identity for find beauty within themselves. This poem is a reminder to the young girl who her beauty shines from the inside out. It also is a reminder of the people who paved the way before her, and how she can live in any way that she chooses. This poem is extremely powerful and it’s message is strong: remember to always love yourself and live as you choose.

Nikki Grime’s Poem “Through The Eyes Of Artists”, is a forceful poem for young African-American women. The poem is from the point of view of three strong artists. The poem is viewing a young girl through the eyes of these women. The young girl has not yet learned to embrace who she is. The three women empower this young girl through their art.


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