Definition of Hero Essay Example

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”(Brainy Quotes.) Having heroes in the world is what makes our world a better place, heroes save people daily without them even knowing it. A hero can simply include someone who protects others. A hero can also be just a regular person, we have heroes in our lives that can identify as being brave and selfless. These individuals are willing to do anything for the greater good. Heros make a difference, their presence helps our community to operate smoothly. We need heroes to help keep the world a good and safe place for the children of tomorrow and to insure the protection of everyone in the world.

There are many types of heroes, one in particular will be Beowulf, who is an epic hero, in his story Beowulf showed bravery because he never backed out of a fight and he never once seemed to indicate any fear of fighting anything or anyone. Even when Beowulf reached his senior years he still fought the dragon terrorizing his kingdom, he did not think twice about doing it. He had no fear but he was willing to endure the pain to protect his kingdom, Beowulf stated “I've never known fear as a youth, I fought in endless battles.”

Beowulf showed that he was selfless by not thinking twice when he felt a battle was necessary. There was a fight with Grendel's mother, he wanted to fight her even though he didn't need to but he did anyway, as the text explains “he leaped into the lake would not wait for anyone’s answer.” This shows he didn’t care about what anyone had to say as long as he was protecting the people.

Another type of hero is a superhero and Okoye from The Black Panther will classify as the subject of a superhero. Okoye identified that she’s selfless because she has always put her country before her, she was even about to fight her own husband for the sake of their country. In the film she said “For Wakanda? Without question.” She said this because there was not anything she wouldn’t do for her country.

She showed bravery when everyone turned against her and her former king T’challa because his cousin had taken over the kingdom and changed all the rules, but she still took them on without hesitating cause she did whatever it took to get her former kings throne and people back and to protect them from people like his cousin.

Another example of a hero can also identify as a personal hero, Monique Njumbe is a personal hero because she showed that she is selfless, she willingly chose to raise 3 children that aren't biologically hers. She just wanted to give them a chance for a better life, it could have been easier for her to let them go into the system and raised in separate homes but she chose to try and give them a better life one that would give them the opportunity to live together in one home she says “Kids don't choose to be here”.

She was brave because she was already a single mother of one. She always made everyone feel equal & always kept them protected no matter what happened. “i was 26 and the youngest to adopt 3 children at once and had to fight for all 3 of them in the court of law.”

This statement shows her bravery just to bring a family back together.

Having a diversity of heroes helps benefit everyone in the world on a daily basis because they are here for the greater good. Having a personal hero like Monique can help inspire anyone who admires them, they are always going to be in your life, no matter what and no matter how hard things get through their selfless acts of kindness. Superheroes like Okoye give young minds someone to look up to and helps with having a positive influence in a person’s life and teaches them about bravery. It helps individuals grasp the expectation of what they should want to be when they grow up. Having an epic hero like Beowulf will teach others the values they should demonstrate throughout life. So yes, having heroes play a big part in the world because they have an influence on everyone, whether we realize it or take them for granted. So when you go to say that heroes are unrealistic, really think twice about what you say.


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