Why We Should Not Give Up

As humans, we are given the dynamic adaptability of both mental conduct and physical within one's self. Being human allows self to have an exceptional feeling of mindfulness and the capacity to grasp what is around us in an extremely detailed way. As humans there are many things we have to do to survive. Thinking is among the most critical things humans have to do to conquer life's battles. On the contrary, if we did not have the need to think before making decisions we would not be given the title "human". Being a human is acting naturally, which implies that we are altogether unique in one perspective. However, it is my belief that Human rights are what make us human. When we talk about the privilege of life, or development. It is our soul that makes us human. It is our profound qualities that make us people.

Morals are the foundation of each choice made, on an personal level. The qualities we hold, we show to the world by making decisions that include them. All individuals have diverse qualities, and It is essential to ponder these all through life, and to see when your qualities change. Many of my qualities, I created at an early age and I keep on holding these convictions, yet as I have developed and experienced a decent variety I consider these qualities to change and develop with me. As I decide, particularly essential ones, I consider many things to guarantee that the choices line up with my own morals. A couple of inquiries I ask myself are: is this decision going to carry out more damage than anything else? How might this choice influence others and is that going to have a positive, negative, or an obscure effect? Would I be glad if this choice was communicated to the world? Am I being straightforward with others and myself with this choice? Or then again is this a choice that will have long haul positive effects on those whom it influences, myself in spite of.

It is my belief whatever circumstances we face allows us the chance to learn and grow, both physically and mentally. I've had my difficulties. I was a student at Chamberlain, University, Within the fifth week of being a student in the program I encountered a broken shoulder bone, not long after my injury I was suppose to start clinicals. However ,due to my injury was not allowed. I was compelled to drop clinicals on the grounds that I couldn't do the program with a broken shoulder. As a result, I was pushed back two months in which I chose to take online classes. Soon after I resumed and passed Nursing Foundations I was late with my clinical assignment for Adult health which was going to push me back 4 months. This was a wake up call for me and that's when I decided to pursue a different school, which led to my current enrollment at Concorde Career College. It was later that I understood that the choice I made for myself was correct from the beginning. I was worried about the possibility that the decision I had made may have specifically influenced my future, and might have been off-base. I would not like to wind up pointing the finger at myself for not succeeding, because in choosing to study nursing, I wasn't floundering or guiding far from my needs. In the event that it wasn't the correct decision, it would have been for reasons outside my ability to control. As humans, we don't like giving up that control. This experience has shown me that whatever issues we face in life we can make a decision to either give up or to keep going despite the circumstances. I became discouraged, but I realized all of us have many dreams in our minds, but hardly few manage to get them fulfilled in the first attempt. For my situation my disappointment was only the initial move towards my victories.

In any case, as an individual I trust it is important to characterize your standards and after that do your best to comply with them, as I have. Some of the time, we settle on terrible decisions and regularly overflow with regrets and misery when we understand our mistakes. That is a piece of being human. When I flip through my journal and go over the deeds my past self had once occupied with, not being embarrassed about my identity or what I've done, I needed to be pleased with myself and my decisions. I need to be content with what I wore, what I stated, what I read, what I ate, what I tuned into, and what I did. What's more, this is just conceivable in the event that I think before I settle on decisions in the present.

We can't fix the past, yet we can simply gain from it. Decisions are the building squares of our lives and in spite of the considerable number of missteps, one makes, another day carries with it new chances and a radical new universe of decisions.

To conclude, never giving up has been the key of success in human life. I don't think giving up would ever be an option in my life now. I am gonna continue to complete my majors in Nursing and I am not going to stop until I achieve all of my goals. There are times in everyone's lives where decisions have to be made. Some are small, some large, and some life changing. Whatever type of decision you are faced with, there is a process that is taken to determine the best possible outcome. For instance, when I decided to go back to school after Chamberlain I weighed the possible outcomes of going back to school with the possible outcomes of not going back to school. Determining the pros and cons is a typical weigh to reach an outcome when debating what to do in a scenario. I decided that the pros far outweigh the cons and I could potentially make a lot more money by going back to school in the long run than if i had decided not to re enroll back into college. It is useful for individuals to have the capacity to see the two sides of a result when settling on a imperative choice throughout everyday life.


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